Peanuts Cel A Charlie Brown Christmas & Pumpkin Set Of 4 signed Bill Melendez

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***Once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a Ultimate "Extremely Rare set of 4 of the most sought after Peanuts Animation Cels*** 
 *Sold-Out/No Longer Available* all Hand Signed by Bill Melendez, ,...  
1"A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS"..............signed by Bill Melendez
2 "IT'S THE GREAT PUMPKIN"........................signed by Bill Melendez
1 "IT'S A MYSTERY CHARLIE BROWN"........signed by Bill Melendez
A limited edition collection of fine, high quality Hand Painted cartoon cels. Offering a set of the 4 we put together....3 framed and 1 unframed, 4 certificates ...All Hand signed by Bill Melendez *Please look over all the photo's and feel free to ask any questions*
Cel 1)..."number of only 500 from "A Charlie Brown Christmas"called....
"REHERSAL" Signed and numbered by the late Bill Melendez
 featuring Charlie Brown,Snoopy Lucy and the Peanuts gang.From " A Charlie Brown Christmas" 1965 Charlie Brown's tree for the Christmas Pageant is derided by the play's cast.
Framed with the cel is a photo of Mr Melendez....This is a very, well put togther framed piece, made for the true Peanuts/Melendez Collector...This piece was displayed at some animation shows. Original Air Date was December 9, 1965...Comes Newly Framed and matted, with coa, measures approx. 21" x 17"....cel is in good condition. shows well"it's a very cool look piece.Cel
 Cel 2)..."Low Limited Edition Cel number of only 150... Charles M. Schultz and Bill Melendez Peanuts,"It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown",which aired in 1974 called... 
"LEGAL BEAGLE VS JUDGE LUCY" Signed and numbered by the late Bill Melendez
Featuring Snoopy and Lucy.
A extremely hard scarce piece to find.Cel measures approx. 10.5" x 12.5" is in good condition with a COA authenticated by the Peanuts Film Gallery.. Edition released in 2010.Cel Unframed
 Cel 3)..."Low Limited Edition Cel number of 500 from "IT'S THE GREAT PUMPKIN CHARLIE BROWN" called...
"Halloween Night" Signed and numbered by Bill Melendez...signature bold and sharp.
Featuring Linus and Sally.Comes Professionally Framed and matted in good condition with COA....Frame measures 21" x 18"
Cel 4)...."Extremely Rare" *Sold-Out/No Longer Available* Low Limited Edition Cel number of only 150 from Charles M. Schulz  "IT'S THE GREAT PUMPKIN CHARLIE BROWN...
Signed and numbered by Bill Melendez...
Frame measures 18" x 15"
*All 4 Limited Editions is individually numbered, features the signature of "Bill Melendez" and 4 COA's.Some pieces were displayed at some animation shows.
 *What a great way to add to or create a collection of Cels for the perfect "PEANUTS FAN"